West Lulworth

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August 21st 1840

The last Will & Testament of George White of the Parish of West Lulworth Dorset being in sound mind ffirst I give and bequeath to my dear wife an annuity of £20 per annum to continue so long as she shall live or so long as my property shall last to be paid to her in equal weekly payments by my Executor Edward George Wood 2nd  I give & bequeath to my dear wife and each of my dear daughters the sum of £1 to provide themselves with mourning 3rd I give and bequeath to my dear daughter Ann Amelia Winzar the whole of the household furniture & fixtures (excepting the clock)belonging to me now in my cottage at West Lulworth together with the chimney glass now in the Parlour of the Infant School at Balls Pond 4th  I give & bequeath to my dear daughter Susannah White my Watch together with my large ffamily Bible I the feather Bed at Balls Pond which last she is not to have until after the decease of my dear wife 5th I give & bequeath to my dear daughter Martha Wood the clock now in my cottage 6th I give and bequeath to my dear daughter Caroline White the piano forte now at Balls Pond Islington 7th I give & Bequeath to my above named daughters Ann Amelia Winzar Susannah White & Caroline White All my remaining household furniture bed & table linen & which I direct to be equally divided between them after the death of my dear wife 8th I direct that my funeral expences shall be paid & my just debts shall be paid & the legacies herein mentioned shall be paid & that the whole remainder of my property shall be invested in the Savings Bank or public funds in the joint names of my dear son George Augustus White & my son in law Edward Wood to form a fund for the payment of the annuity to my dear wife as before mentioned & not to be applied in any other way 9th should any of the property mentioned above in chance remain after the decease of my dear wife I direct that it shall be equally divided between my four dear daughters above mentioned but I further direct that my executors do not pay any of such portions without they are satisfied as to the use to which it is to be applied as it is my intention that it should be appropriated for the benefit of my dear daughters or their children 10 I constitute my dear son George Augustus White of Norfolk Street Park Lane London & my Son in Law Edward George Wood of Rotherfield Street London my Executors with power to carry into effect this my last Will 11th My Body I direct to be buried decently according to the rites of the church of England in the church yard at West Lulworth as near as possible to the graves of my dear departed mother & son & my name to be inscribed on the stone about to be placed over the grave of my dear departed mother my soul I commit to the hand of God trusting solely to his promised mercy in Christ Jesus for the pardon of all my sins & the salvation of my Soul Amen 12th I request that one or both of my Executors if possible be present at my funeral & that the sum of £3 be allowed to them for their expences Signed this 23rd August 1840

E Lander}

Thomas Roe}       Witnesses to the signature

Affidavit of due execution sworn by Thomas Roe of West Lulworth Cordwainer sworn 13 December 1840 before J. W. Donaldson Curate of West Lulworth Dorset

Proved at London 24 December 1840 to Edward George Wood power reserved to the other Executor

PCC Prob11/1938

Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning

Wills - White

The will of George White - 21 August 1840