West Lulworth

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Kelly’s Directory - 1875

P.O., George Richards, receiver

National School, Jane Fooks, mistress


Crispin Miss, Bindon Villa

Fitzgerald Rev. H

Gildea Rev. William M.A. (Vicar)

Lane James M.D.

Sanders Thomas


Barnes Samuel, miller, Cove

Charles Henry Martin, general shopkeeper

Clark Robert, tailor

Cox Frederick, blacksmith

Dorey Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper

Dorey William, farmer & wheelwright

Ellis George, farmer

Gillingham Edward William, farmer, Hambro’ farm

Morrison Silvester, chief officer, coastguard station, Cove

Randall Matthew, farmer

Richards George, Cove hotel & posting house & post office

Roe Thomas, Castle & fishmonger

Snelling Henry, baker

Tewkesbury Francis, shopkeeper

Tucker Samuel, farmer, St. Andrews