West Lulworth

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News - 1941

Western Gazette - Friday 29 August 1941



The defence that the sample taken by the inspector was from "unsaleable dregs" was advanced at Wareham Petty sessions by Ronald Edgar Coggan Shutler, of Lulworth Farm, West Lulworth, alleged to have sold milk which was not of the substance and quality demanded, inasmuch as it was deficient in fat. Defendant pleaded not guilty. The Bench dismissed the case.

Prosecuting for the Dorset County Council, Mr. R. E. Andrews stated the sample contained 2.1 per cent. of fat, whereas it was not genuine if it contained not less than 3 per cent. Defendant did not demur to selling to the inspector.

Kenneth Batson Dale, sampling officer, declared on denying to defendant that there had been any protest by him against serving him defendant said "If you had been an ordinary customer I should not have served you."

Mr. H. Kirk, defending, contended there was no sale in the proper sense of the word. The sampling officers were not customers of the ordinary sort, and defendant was of opinion he had no alternative but to supply them.

Defendant now declared that it was his intention to use the milk left for his own luncheon - in coffee - and the dregs would be used for pigs. The milk was not available for sale: and he told the inspector he had finished the round and there were only dregs in the churn. Nothing had been abstracted from the milk between its leaving the cow and the taking of the sample. Defendant's dairymen, William Woodsford corroborated defendant.


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