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Jimmy Miller

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The Miller Family

Article extracted from Daily Echo - 24 January 2008

LIFELONG fisherman Jim Miller, who was part of a Dorset fishing dynasty stretching back to the late 1600s, has died peacefully in hospital.

The 85-year-old was one of nine generations of Millers to earn a living at sea along the Dorset Coast.

Jim, who fished for crab and lobster at Lulworth Cove, was a well-known figure in the inshore fishing community.

In an interview with the Echo before hanging up his lobster pots for good in 1983, he said: "I dare not venture far away from the cove, in case it is not here when I return."

His funeral takes place at the Church of Holy Trinity, West Lulworth, January 29, 2.30pm.

His son Joe said: "The old man loved fishing and he was a great conservationist.

"He understood the importance of not raping the sea and he passed that understanding on to me.

"We are not big boat fishermen; we make a living as traditional inshore fishermen and he was well known in this industry on the Dorset coast.

"He would always throw lobsters with eggs on back, even though other fishermen wouldn't do this.

"I went out on the boat with him as a boy and I still fish in much the same way.

"Whereas other fishing families would stop fishing in the winter, preferring to work in quarrying and coming back to their boats the following year, the old man always stayed with fishing because he loved it so much."

Jim died at Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, on January 17. He leaves loving wife Joan, children Freddie, Midge, Joe and Chris, and grandchildren Layla, Sophie, Becci and Levi.

All are welcome to the funeral service and flowers or donations to Harlequin Care may be sent to Albert Marsh Funeral Directors, St Michael's Road, Wareham.