West Lulworth

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Coastguard Cottages

Coastguard Cottages at Lulworth Cove

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The eight Coastguard Cottages were built in 1824. The Coastguard Service was disbanded in 1923.


Charles Best, age 42, Superannuated C.G.

Robert Campbell, age 35, Coast Gd

William Charle, age 25, C.G.

Robert Hancock, age 30, Coast Gd

William R Jeatt, age 25, Coast Gd

John Kemp, age 40, Coast Gd

David McCalpin, age 28, Coast Guard

Edward Matthews, age 25

Peter Nicholson, age 25, Coast Gd

Robert Thorn, age 25,

In 1911, there were seven Coastguard men living in the Coastguard cottages with their families:

Patrick Arundel, age 47, P.O. H.M. Coastguard

Alfred Bocutt, age 35 Coastguard

Ernest Corry, age 30, Coast Guard

Charles Jennings, age 47, Chief Office Coastguard

Frederick George Livingstone, age 42, Petty Officer 2nd Class Coastguard

William Joseph Melverton Payne, age 36, Coast Guard

Thomas J B Stanton, age 35, Coastguard Boatman

The eight cottages in the terraced row are Grade II listed buildings.

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