West Lulworth

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News - 1874

The Morning Post, London - Friday 17 April 1874


The Court of Common Council yesterday elected a sword-bearer to the corporation in the place of Mr. J. A. Beddome, deceased. There were 11 candidates, namely, Mr. James Dorling Barker, Mr. William Daff Brook, Mr. William George Cooper, Mr. James Graham Edwardes, Mr. Gerald Henry Griffin, Mr. Charles M’Arthur, Mr. Edward Smith Pryce, Mr. John Thorogood Roffway, Mr. William Henry Russell Skey, Mr. Reginald Wakefield and Mr. George James White Winzar. These names were on the printed paper of business, but two more were added to the list with the consent of the court, namely Major Drage and Mr. Ellis. It was arranged that the number of candidates should be reduced to three by a show of hands, then to two by the same process, and that a poll should be taken if desired. The result of this was that the first three candidates who had the largest show of hands were declared to be Mr. Pryce, Mr. Winzar and Mr. Griffin. Upon the next show of hands Mr. Griffin and Mr. Winzar were the two candidates left for election, and a poll was taken. There was a considerable majority in favour of Mr. Winzar, but, according to the standing orders of the court, it was necessary that the poll should be kept open for one hour. Mr. Griffin, however, withdrew from his candidature, and Mr. Winzar was declared duly elected to the office of sword-bearer, and was called upon to accept the office. Mr. Winzar did so formally, and returned thanks for the honour that had been conferred upon him. This renders the appointment of macebearer vacant, and Mr. Sewell was requested to perform the duties pro tem.

George James White Winzar (1836-1907) was born at West Lulworth to William Winzar (1816-1841) and Ann Amelia Winzar nee White (1813-1874). Further information will be added to a new ‘Winzar’ family page in Autumn 2012.


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