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This is the last Will and Testament of me Benjamin Crispin Major General retired in Her Majestys Indian Army now residing at West Lulworth in the County of Dorset I give devise and bequeath all my real and personal property of every description and wheresoever situate unto Edward Howe Burke of Marble Hill in the County of Galway Esquire, Charles Granby Burke of Miltown in the County of Dublin Esquire, Joseph Weld Esquire, Son of Joseph Weld late of Lulworth Castle in the County of Dorset Esquire deceased and Reginald Weld Esquire Son of Edward Joseph Weld now of Lulworth Castle aforesaid Esquire their heirs executors administrators and assigns respectively Upon trust to pay the interest dividends and annual income of the whole of my said property by equal half yearly Payments regularly to my Sister Mary Ann Crispin for and during the term of her natural life and from and after her decease to pay unto my two Sisters Jane Crispin and Sarah Crispin and to each of them the sum of Sixty Pounds Per Annum for their lives respectively And I will and desire that my said Sister Mary Ann do live separately and apart from my other two Sisters Jane and Sarah and not in the same house together If however they live together then I direct that the said annuities so given to each of them my said Sisters Jane and Sarah respectively shall not take effect but shall be utterly revoked And out of the said dividends and interest so paid to my Sister Mary Ann for life I direct that she shall during her life and after her decease that my Trustees or the Survivor of them his executors and administrators do pay to my Son the Reverend Neil Campbell Crispin an annuity of Fifty Pounds per annum And also to my Son William Benjamin Crispin an Annuity of Forty Pounds Per Annum according to the Will and Pleasure of my Trustees that is to say during his good behaviour And after the deaths of each of the said Annuitants then I direct that as each of them shall depart this life his or her annuity shall revert to and fall into the residue of my Property which residue subject to the trusts and directions aforesaid I give devise and bequeath the same absolutely to my Grandchildren the Children of Lieutenant Colonel James Henry Burke of the Indian Army by my daughter Marion Elizabeth Burke I desire my said my Trustees or the Survivor of them his executors or administrators to convey transfer and assign the same to them accordingly. I give to my Brother Henry Crispin a Captain in the Royal Navy a legacy of Thirty pounds Sterling Also I give and bequeath to my Son the Reverend Neil Campbell Crispin my Gold Watch and which is to be held by him and his heirs as an heirloom And I give bequeath acquit and release unto my Son George Crispin the debt owing to me by him I appoint the said Edward Howe Burke Charles Granby Burke Joseph Weld and Reginald Weld Esquire to be Executors of this my Will and hereby revoking all others by me at anytime heretofore made I declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of January One thousand eight hundred and sixty five _

Benjamin Crispin

(Attestation Clause)

James Tuck of Wareham Dorset Attorneys Clerk _ Edwd Randall of West Lulworth Dorset

This is a Codicil to my last Will and Testament dated the 20th day of January 1864 I now desire that whatever sum of money may be available either personal or real of my estate after the decease of my three Sisters shall be in the management of my Executors for the use of my Grandchildren share and share alike if possible the Children of my daughter Mrs J H Burke but I desire now that they shall not come into possession of the Money or any Part of it until they each of them have attained the age of (21) twenty one years On each attaining the age of 21 the Remnant of Share is to be paid up as may be deemed desirable by the Executors for the benefit of my estate and the Children as they arrive at the age of 21 years. The three Delhi Scarfs and one Cashmere Shawl I leave to my Granddaughter Agnes or surviving Daughter Mrs J H Burke   B Crispin

George Richards        James Miller

Affidavit of due execution sworn by George Richards of West Lulworth Innkeeper sworn at Wareham 2 August 1864 before Freeland Filliter

Proved 11August 1864

Effects under £1100

Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning

Wills - Crispin

The will of Benjamin CRISPIN - 20 January 1865