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Old Graveyard - Inscriptions

The index below, kindly prepared by Mike Halsall, shows the names he has recorded from the gravestones that remain in the old churchyard.

The ‘Ref’ column shows the reference number Mike has allocated and, if you refer to the layout plan, you can see the approximate position of the gravestone.

Mike has recorded fuller inscriptions on some graves where these remain legible.

Some  ages are inscribed as, for example, ‘in the 57th year of his age’. The age is then given as 56.


This stone is erected by a few friends in grateful remembrance of Adolphus Erlebach who laboured as a faithful home missionary in this and the adjacent villages 25 years. He died Aug 4 1864 aged 83.

Also Mary his wife who died March 28 1867 aged 88.

Also Mary Ann Erlebach their only daughter who died June 19 1896 aged 78 years.

More information on the Erlebach family can be found in W Lulworth URC History by Vivienne Erlebach


Charles White Bower(s) died Nov 16 1874 aged 28

When on earth I did remain

I was afflicted with much pain

And when the Lord he thought best

He took me to a place of rest.


Elizabeth White Bower

For 13 years caretaker of the West Lulworth Conservative Clubroom


Caroline wife of John Williams of Bere Regis

and daughter of William Barnes of Lulworth

who died March 16 1870 age 51


Anne wife of Samuel Smith Barnes of Lulworth and daughter of the late J?? Williams of Bere Regis


Edward Lampard

Long was his illness

Great was his pain

Great was my loss

And his clerical gain


Emma daughter of William and Ann Thompson of Stamford, died at West Lulworth


Ruth Harvell daughter of William and Ann Thompson, died at West Lulworth


Thomas Chope - Warbarrow Coastguard Station ….. drowned. (Probably legible)


Hear leyeth (sic) ye body of Edward Ballrick who dep this life 1707(?) and Mary his wife dep this life 1740

(No ages given)


Richard Furmedge

If God had asked me, well I know

I should have said O spare this blow

Yes, with streaming tears should say

Lord, I love him, let him stay.


Inscription is simply   HD + MD



L(?)D + BD

No other inscription whatsoever - presumably 8 individuals from the same family


Jane, wife of Hubert Willis, daughter of Henry and Virtue Vye

Hubert Willis died at Weymouth



William Percy Schuster for 27 years vicar of this parish


Ernest Budden, Dorset Yeomanry, Dardanelles, age 22

William Charles, Corpl 5th Battalion Dorset Regiment, Dardanelles, age 20

Bertram Whittle, B Company, 5th Battalion Dorset Regiment, Dardanelles, age 27

Frederick George Dorey RN, killed in explosion on board HMS Bulwark 1914, age 44

Thomas Hawkins, Motor Transport, age 26

Walter E Thompson, CNR Blue Marines HMS Suffolk, age 50

Thomas Hawkins, Lancs Fusiliers, age 30

Sidney Whittle, Dorset Regiment, age 28


Charles William Haime, Salonika, age 33

Ernest William Cleall, West Yorks Regiment, died from wounds in France, age 23

Henry Riggs, Labour Corps, age 31

Frank Charles Driver, RFA, died Salisbury Camp, age 21. See War Grave  at 804

Alfred Legg, 75th Battalion Canadian Regiment, age 39

Ernest James, 1st Battalion Dorset Regiment, age 19

Frederick Hyde, 6th Battalion Wilts Regiment, age 21

Frank Williams RN, died at Haslar, age 20


Arthur Edward Silvertop RN, Commander of HMS Defence lost in battle of Jutland

Erland Godfrey Hadow MC, Captain of 17th West Yorks Regiment, killed in France, age 42

Christopher John Claud Schuster, 2nd Lt 5th (attached 1st) Rifle Brigade, age 19

Arthur carr Glyn Lonsdale, Lt Kings Royal Rifles, killed 1915

Who from early boyhood were connected with this place.


George Henry beloved son of Frank and Louisa Hopkins who was killed by falling over the cliff at Whitenose, Dorset Apr 24 1888 age 21. Also Elizabeth Ann daughter of the above (Frank and Louisa) died at Lulworth Jan 19 1871 aged 10 months.


This fenced off grave contains two horizontal stones.

The stone furthest from the road reads:

In memory of (A)lbertine Sarah Busfeild, loved and youngest daughter of Captain William Crispin RN and Caroline his wife.

She died at West Lulworth on the 7th day of January 1860 aged 13 years and 11 months.

The lord hath given etc. Requiescat in pace.

Also to the memory of Captain Benjamin Crispin who died at West Lulworth on the 7th day of March 1830 aged 37 years  (just possibly 57).

Also of Harriet, Susanna, Ellen and Joseph, children of the above and Elizabeth, his eldest daughter who died at West Lulworth on the 2nd day of April 1861, deeply regretted, in the 61st year of her age.

Requiescant in pace.

The stone nearer the road reads:

Beneath are interred the mortal remains of Caroline the wife of Commander William Crispin RN, and daughter of the late Currer F Busfeild Esq of Cottingley Bridge near Bingley Yorkshire and Sarah his wife afterwards Ferrand of St Ives in the same county. She died at Weymouth greatly lamented on the 13th day of February 1846 aged 28 years.

Note that Caroline died 13/2/1846 and her daughter Albertine died 7/1/1860 aged 13y 11m (and hence born Feb 1846). So presumably Caroline died giving birth to Albertine. But why did Caroline & Albertine retain the surname of her father if she was married to Wm Crispin?

Note also the cryptic reference to Ferrand. The IGI files explain this:

Currer Fothergill Busfield married Sarah Ferrand in Bingley on Feb 12, 1805.

I have so far found none of the other individuals in the census or IGI data


Julitta Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Roe who died after six hours illness 8 April 1866, age 20.


Sarah Andrews daughter of Richard and Edith Andrews late of Upton Farm in the parish of Osmington.


Alfred Chalmers Fisher of New College London who drowned whilst bathing in Lulworth Cove July 22 1876 aged 22


In Memory of William Randall who died Dec 20 1793 aged 65

       A faithfull friend. A husband dear

       A loving father fleepeth here.

Alfo Bridget wife of the above ….


William C Randall youngest son of Thomas and Elizabeth of Winfrith Newburgh died Jan 20 1859 aged 19 years


I have blotted out as a thick cloud thy transgressions (Isaiah 44 22)


Thomas Elms Milne RN. Sharpshooter who died at the coastguard station Lulworth March 11 1853


John Harvell born Sept 14 1817, died Feb 23 1891

Affliction sore long time he bore

Physicians tried in vain

Till God did please to call him hence

And release him from his pain

Stone erected by his loving children


In memory of William Willis Gent who departed this life April ye 14 1714 aged 78 years

Alfo the body of Elizth his wife who departed this life May ye 1st 1761 aged 73 years

       Remember me as you pass by

       For as you are now so once was I

       And as I am now so you must be

       So now prepare to follow me

(some of wording uncertain)


In memory of Mrs Mary Willis wife of Mr John Willis who died Novr ye 2d 1787 in the 57th year of her age.


Henry Frederick Adolphus Kuchler  Mar 28 1877 aged 24. Deeply regretted.


Robert Dudgeon of Teddington Middlesex. Cook on board the ship Avalanche of London who was drowned through her foundering after being in collision with the ship Forrest of Windsor in the English Channel 11 Sept 1877, aged 29 years.

Notes from Cynthia Frazer (The ‘shoemaker’s diary?)

George Davis married on 15th May 1833 to Sophia Tewkesbury of West Lulworth (daughter of 101/1+2)

5 of W.L. fishermen were drowned on the 28th of January 1841 coming back from Weymouth to W.L. Their names were: Thomas Woodrow, Wm Windsor, Wm Charles, John Vey and Peter Harvell.

There seems to be no grave corresponding to any of these. (Too poor to afford headstones?)

Of William Randall (723/1): ‘He was tall, thin and bony, with a long sallow face and dark staring eyes. His dress consisted usually of a short white flannel coat, a scarlet waistcoat with brass buttons, brown stockings and thick soled shoes with iron buckles. When speaking he gesticulated wildly, swinging his arms and head about and continually stammering over the many long and fine-sounding words with which he endeavoured to embellish his speech’. (Dorset Year Book - ‘The Comical Innkeeper of Lulworth’ by Paul Randall)



PS. Propped against the railings was an iron cross inscribed:

Harold Castle

June 25 1903

Aged 30

(His death, age 30, was registered in Wareham in the 2nd quarter of 1903)

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We are indebted to Mike Halsall for providing this information

The photo above is of some graves in the top corner of the old churchyard taken c. 1977 before the shrubbery was cleared.

The large headstone in the centre bears the following inscriptions:


to the memory of


who departed this life

Feb 6th 1834 aged 79 years

Also of

ANN AMELIA his wife

who departed this life

April 2nd 1834 aged 70 years

Also of


son of the above


who departed this life

Oct 14th 1840 aged 54 years

And also of


son of the last named

who departed this life

March 12th 1830 aged 19 years