West Lulworth

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News - 1907

The Times -  Saturday 19 January 1907:


While H.M. battleship DUNCAN was engaged in gunnery practice near Weymouth recently a shell pitched inside the Cove at West Lulworth, a popular resort on the coast, and caused serious alarm. The shot fell within a very short distance of the Bishop of Salisbury's house. Mr. Henry Duke, the agent of Mr. Weld, the owner of most of the coast line from Warbarrow to Weymouth, acting on the representations of the local parish council, wrote to the Admiralty complaining of the careless manner in which the firing practice was conducted by his Majesty's ships off West Lulworth, and saying that he himself watched one ship practising at a target which was about three miles off the mouth of the Cove; although not firing directly into the Cove, she was firing inshore to the east of the entrance to the Cove, which appeared to be very dangerous for any one passing on that part of the coast line. In reply Mr. Duke has received the following:-

"Admiralty, Jan. 2, 1907.
"Sir, - Referring to your letter of the 4th ult. relative to the discharge of projectiles from one of his Majesty's ships into Lulworth Cove recently, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that upon investigation the circumstances attending the occurrence in question have been found to be as stated by you. My Lords greatly regret this incident, and are taking immediate steps to prevent any such dangerous firing practice in future. A circular letter will accordingly be issued to the Fleet directing that firing practice is always to be carried out to seaward from a ship when within a distance which may render it possible for ricochet projectiles to reach the shore. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, EVAN MACGREGOR."


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