West Lulworth

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The Chaffey Family

Information courtesy of Sam Chaffey

Photograph of

Sydney Harry Chaffey

 in uniform, who served as a wireless operator in the Royal Engineers

and saw action in France during WW1

Photograph courtesy of his grandson,Sam Chaffey

Photograph of

West Lulworth football team

....the Lobsters as I remember being told!

Grandad, Sydney Harry Chaffey is second from left in the front row

....with my Great Grandfather in the dark suit and hat.

Taken in what is now the car park I think!

Not sure on any of the other names so would be interesting if anyone knows.

Photograph courtesy of Sam Chaffey

“On Boxing Day came the annual football match. The Lobsters vs the Shrimps. The Lobsters being the older fishermen and other adults and the Shrimps being the sons and other youngsters of the village.”

Albert Spavins