West Lulworth

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Kelly’s Directory - 1931

Post, M. O. & T. & T. E. D. Office. Letters through Wareham

Shore Signal Station, A. Anderson, chief officer, & 6 men

Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners’ Royal Benevolent Society, Hon. Representative, E. Brooke Williams, Lulworth house

Carrier - Walter Chaffey, to Dorchester, sat & Wareham, thurs

Water Conveyance - From April until October a service of steamers runs from Weymouth to Lulworth every wed. & sat.; also from Bournemouth


Fripp Lady, Bindon Waters

Gladstone Mrs, Highways

Hervey Mrs, Grafton lodge

Job Rev. Cyril Dyon M.A., hon.C.F. (vicar), Vicarage

Loder Miss, St. Margaret’s

Mansfield Miss, Graybank

Neel Louis A, Byways

Robson Col. Hy Denne J.P., Oswald

Roe Mrs, The Lynches

Schuster Sir Claud G.C.B., C.V.O., K.C., J.P., Gatton Cottage

Wilton Miss, Wilton cottage

Wilton Mrs, St. Patrick’s

Wordsworth Mrs, Bishop’s cottage


Anderson, Maurice Clare Biclefeld, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. (attends mon, thurs & sat)

Boon’s Stores Ltd. Grocers T N 9

British Legion Club (Leslie Shutler, sec)

Castle Inn Hotel (Wm. Alfd. Dowding, propr.), T N 5

Chaffey Hy. Jsph. Statnr. Post office, T N 1

Chaffey John, coal dealer

Chaffey Walter, carrier

Cove Hotel & Restaurant (Rt. Greig, mngr.) T N 3

Diffey A. J. farmer, Newlands farm

Dorey Walt. shopkpr

Hardy Frederick, blacksmith

Harvell, Ernest, Castle inn

Hazard Private Hotel (Harry S. Dyke, propr.), The Cove. T N 10

Hazard (The), restaurant (Edwd. J. Randall, propr)

Hyde Wltr. E., motor car hirer

Ironsides Wm. W., farmer, West Down

Meaden Matilda (Mrs), smallholder

Miller, Nathanl. (Mrs), refreshmt. rm

O’Hare Jas. boot repr

Randall Edwd. Jas., garage propr. The Central garage T N 6

Runyard Regnld. refreshmnt. rms

St. Margaret’s Private School (Miss Loder, principal)

Shutler Richard, farmer

Stockley Albert F. baker

Strathnavar Private Hotel (Mrs M.E. Thwaites, proprietress): modern & convenient accommodation near Cove; luncheons, teas &c,; garage for 20 cars adjoining T N 6

Thompson Hy, builder, Sycamore vil

Thwaites Alan G. philatelist

Wellstead Percy, draper

West Lulworth Working Men’s Conservative Club (Ronald E. C. Shutler, sec)

Williams Ellen (Miss), dress maker

Williams Thomas Edward, skilled repairer of motors & cycles; lock up garages; The Cove

Williamson Dougal W. farmer, Burngate farm [150 acres or over]

Yeates Thomas, farmer, Hambury [150 acres or over]